The question about GTD influence on PM work (Has GTD (Getting Things Done) changed your approach to project planning?) has been closed recently.

While I agree it phrased in a way which suggested more a discussion than responses to a question I actually think it was a good subject for a question - it would be enough to rephrase it to be less subjective, e.g. how GTD influence perceiving PM work/PM work itself?

We had kind of similar situation here - the question which used poor English (Should we vote down questions because of bad English?) and instead of having the question closed author improved it and as a result we have what I believe is a good piece of content.

Now, my concern here is: should we automatically close down questions which aren't phrased well or is it better idea to ask original poster to improve them pointing them what's wrong?

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If these questions are worthy of saving, why can't you edit them yourself?

Otherwise, if:

  • the post is awful, terrible, beyond saving -- vote to close and delete

  • the post is unclear and you have to guess at the author's intentions -- leave a comment

  • the post can be improved in some fairly clear ways -- click the edit link and edit it

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  • I think it is a good idea to copy the answer and paste it into FAQ in "Other people can edit my stuff?!" section. Actually, I personally needed this bit of encouragement to stop being afraid of changing original poster's intention. If they care they'd fix it anyway. – Pawel Brodzinski Mar 27 '11 at 8:48

I encourage everyone to clean up the questions using their edit privileges and then use those reopen votes if you think the question has been transformed into a good, on-topic, high quality question.

It's important that questions -- even if we like them -- follow the general Stack Exchange guidelines for being Good, Subjective Questions.

I have reopened this question since it now meets the guidelines of being a real question, and since there were 2 reopen votes already cast.

I encourage you to continue doing what you're doing and comment and cast close/reopen votes where appropriate.

I also want to encourage community members on the site to join the Project Management Chat Room and start an active discussion surrounding the direction of the site.

I would prefer to see more 500+ rep users participating in helping to make sure questions are cleaned up and on-topic, and this chat room is a great place to get discussions started on where we want to see the site head.

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