Someone mentioned that the beginner tag is not one that is really encouraged, and this meta topic Should we be adding tags like [beginner] to questions? has some information on using tags like beginner or expert.

Should we be using those here? Should the tag be removed?

There are 6 Questions Tagged Beginner on this Site.

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    Not to mention questions also tagged with "best practice".
    – ashes999
    Apr 4, 2011 at 15:14

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It should almost certainly be removed, as it is a meta tag.


The two basic tests for a meta tag are

  1. Could a question have only this tag?

  2. Does this tag mean different things to different people in your field?

I think this tag fails both criteria.


It looks like the questions tagged "beginner" have already been retagged. That's great. I think the "best practices" questions also need to have that tag removed. Those questions are all over the map, and are better described by tags related to the content of the questions ("documentation", "tools", whatever).

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