Why does this question appear to be unanswered, as it is, obviously, answered? The answered was added for 4 days, so it can hardly be a latency problem...

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A question is considered answered:

  • When person who has originally asked the question, marks one answer as accepted answer, or;
  • When one answer has at least one up-vote from someone.

The question you mentioned appear as unanswered because the answer don't have any up-vote.

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    we consider a question unanswered until at least one answer has one upvote from someone Apr 13, 2011 at 10:22

Just because a question has an answer doesn't mean it has been answered. The question you cite is a great example. The OP is asking how to pull in the Description field from TFS into MS Project. The answerer suggests using TFS Web Access instead, which, while a so-so suggestion, does not answer the question. At least, that's why I didn't upvote that particular answer :)

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