There's a post on Workplace SE - Scrum Master Performing Functional Manager Role, that may be a better fit for this site.

It was asked on August 27th and only has 1 answer. Would the question be a good fit for this site?

As an aside, I oftentimes drop links to such posts in our PMSE Chat Room, so you should drop in occasionally to see if there's anything new there.

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I think this question fits better on PM.SE as compared to Workplace.SE because it is about roles in a software project management methodology. This will be a good addition to the content of PM.SE. We have had a somewhat related question earlier Is the Product Owner the boss of a Scrum Team?.


I also agree this question fits better here, and it's also supported by the comments on the question. Workplace.SE audience isn't used to the Scrum terms / methodology as PM.SE audience, so this question might get more answers / thoughts when shared with a community with more background on this topic.


Yes. The community should be able to contribute to answering it.


This has been migrated to our site at the request of the original poster.

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