After the [rollback war] is it now time to hold another round of moderator elections to ensure we have consistent coverage across the PM SE?1

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Your mod team here has supported the idea of getting some backup, as the older answer here shows. Today, I am happy to announce that CodeGnome is joining the mod team here to provide them with that support!


Please join me in welcoming this familiar face to the new job!


Yes and no...

Yes - we definitely need a new moderator more at least!

No - on beta sites there's no election process. Instead, the current mods / SE staff invite valuable members to help on the burden.

We're discussing the latter with the community managers and we expect to have news very soon.


Update 1 (20/Mar): Still waiting feedback from Stack Overflow community.

Update 2 (09/Apr): SE Community acknowledged the request and is reviewing community's most active members for suitable candidates.

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