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Review Queues and the PMSE Notice Board

I went through the close vote review queue and cleaned up some stuff that had been lingering around for awhile that should have probably been put on hold a little sooner. Most of the posts had 3 or 4 ...
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Introducing the New "Review" Page

I'd like to officially introduce the new Review page! If you've clicked on the review link recently, located in the header to the right of your username and list of badges, you may have noticed some ...
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Don't Forget to Vote on Questions and Answers!

Let's give the 15 top voters of the quarter a round of applause! See the Top Voters for the Quarter to learn who these users are. Now, let's see if we can expand this page. In August, so far, we ...
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Some Statistics To Ponder - Community Edits and Shepherding New Users

Here are some statistics I put together from the main page: 16 of the 50 newest questions were asked by users with over 200 reputation. 10 of the 50 questions were either closed or migrated. All of ...
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Sharing Questions With Your Followers

We've recently noticed that on June 13th, Stack Exchange removed the share buttons from the left side of questions on the network. The developers do not plan to add them back. We believe that sharing ...
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