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Next steps around my first question: edit, bounty, posting a follow-up question or something else

My first question in the the main site is Is "citizen development" <software development> an old thing with new name in the project management field?. It was a "hot question",...
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1 answer

Is it appropriate to post questions more often than one provides answers?

I am new to this site. I ask questions more often than I provide answers. Is there any rule that says users should also provide answers instead of just posting questions which interest them?
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1 answer

Closing doesn't really work. What other options do we have?

A pattern I observe over and over again is that at PMSE it's basically impossible to get question closed unless one of moderators kicks in. There's just too few people who care enough, or understand ...
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How do we get questions with more depth if we discourage questions that may not have "an answer"?

I wanted to take a minute to address David Espina's question: I am trying to understand the notion of questions that avoid opinions and / or discussions. On one hand, we want questions with more ...
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Is it OK to ask two related questions, from different perspectives?

For example: Q1: What are the advantages of hiring a contract PM over using an in-house staffer? Q2: What are the advantages of using an in-house staff PM over hiring a contractor? Would such a ...
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Is this site about Objective questions or Subjective questions? Can the site survive accepting both?

Would asking for personal experiences from others in the field fall into your category of being a poor question? Is this site about objective questions -- like Stack Exchange, Super User, and Server ...
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Are localized questions off-topic?

I've had a comment left at What is the most useful and practical project management qualification for an IT professional in the UK? stating that the question is too localized and I should check the ...
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2 answers

Is it appropriate to broadly push for domain clarification?

While there are a lot of general Project Management aspects that apply across domains, there are also many questions and answers that depend heavily on the domain. For example, the constraints and ...
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2 answers

Should Questions Regarding Program Management be Included in the List of On-Topic or Off-Topic Questions?

Program Management is a field that -- on the surface -- appears to have a lot in common with Project Management. The Wikipedia defines Program Management as encompassing one or more projects. In ...