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Use the "bug" tag to indicate you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour that needs to be fixed on this site (Project Management - Stack Exchange).

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Something Wrong with our Stats on Area 51

Our stats seem to be off on Area 51. See questions asked per day and number of avid users.
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Every edit of an answer bumps up the question. Is it OK?

I noticed every time I edit my answer it makes related question bump up on the question list. Isn't it bad? It would lead to situation where many PMSE members will use it to draw attention.
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Answer has been posted and answer count is now correct but sort order is *still* incorrect

An answer was posted for Let's get critical: Sep 2013 Site Self-Evaluation on 2013-09-23 03:00:57Z. However, the Questions section is still showing 0 answers even after 8 hours. Screenshot given ...
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Contact us link at the bottom is screwed in GMail

The mailto:link at the bottom of the page is interpreted wrongly by GMail -- it actually opens mail with "team [email protected]" instead of "[email protected]" I'm not sure ...
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2 answers

Related links not obvious as links

In, Looking at the related links below they look like normal text and not distinct as links. They are not underlined when mouse hover. Am using Google chrome browser, I don't ...
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Reputation tab in User's Profile does not show up recent rep changes? [closed]

I've noticed the reputation tab is not showing up the recent rep changes (e.g. a diff since the last visit to my profile). I mean this: Other counters across the profile page are working fine. This ...
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0 answers

Is the editing tools / kitchen sink missing?

Not sure if that's happening only to me, but I've tried in two different browsers and no editing tool (aka kitchen sink) is appearing. Is SO pranking just me? Apologies if kitchen sink is not the ...
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Why is it not possible to change display name

Sorry if this question is misplaced, but I could not find the bug reporting functionality. I'm trying to change my display name, but I'm getting this error: Oops! There was a problem updating your ...
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Why Can't I Edit Tag Wikis on Meta PMSE?

I am reporting this as a possible bug. I find that when I click Create Tag Wiki to create an entry for a tag on PMSE Meta, the page reloads back to the same page:
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