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Uncommented downvotes

I am observing a trend in downvotes of questions with no comment to explain. Is anyone else noticing this? Is there anything that can be done? In other, busier SE sites, I don't think it matters as ...
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What is the correct etiquette on discovering a "dodgy" question?

As a normal non-moderator, low rep user, what is my correct course of action on reading a new question that has issues, for example it is likely off-topic? I have several choices: I can downvote I ...
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Is it off-topic to ask for ISO Structure/Documentation

I just added the question ISO structure/documentation? and one person commented it as off topic and voted down the question. The question is about the ISO Structure, that I want it in some form to be ...
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Using downvotes on PMSE

I understand how downvotes should work on stack exchange in general, however I have some confusion with their use here. Namely, I don't like that we seem to constantly end up with questions that have ...
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