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Review Queue numbers on banner

Often I find that there is a little number (against a brown background) next to the Review link on the banner at the top of the page. Allegedly this is the number of posts awaiting review according to ...
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Why is it not possible to change display name

Sorry if this question is misplaced, but I could not find the bug reporting functionality. I'm trying to change my display name, but I'm getting this error: Oops! There was a problem updating your ...
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2 answers

How do we handle questions with multiple valid answers?

I find myself tending to ask questions that are of the form "how do others solve this problem?" or "how do others perform this activity?" (like here). I find the information in the answers very ...
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Every edit of an answer bumps up the question. Is it OK?

I noticed every time I edit my answer it makes related question bump up on the question list. Isn't it bad? It would lead to situation where many PMSE members will use it to draw attention.
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Why Can't I Edit Tag Wikis on Meta PMSE?

I am reporting this as a possible bug. I find that when I click Create Tag Wiki to create an entry for a tag on PMSE Meta, the page reloads back to the same page:
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