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12 votes
8 answers

Site Not On Track to Survive Public Beta

Edit: If you're reading this post, do whatever is within your power to help. Ask questions, post answers, and most importantly, share the link with people -- publicize on your blog, website, etc. We'...
1 vote
1 answer

What is an acceptable answer on PMSE?

I answered a question and my answer was (pick one) deleted converted to a comment added to my question as an edit Why was this? Why was my answer not acceptable? What is the definition of an ...
6 votes
2 answers

Rollback War on 'Why did our process cause us to miss our release date?'

The OP and one of the answerers keep alternating rollbacks to this Question. It's getting a little ridiculous and unprofessional. Do we have rules in place for whose revision should be kept? The OP's ...
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3 answers

If you can Google it - don't ask it here

What do you think of taking this approach so that we can get more of a subject matter specific focus?
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