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Can you update the custom close reason regarding software engineering questions?

Currently, there is a custom off-topic reason here that reads: Software engineering questions are off-topic here, but can be asked on Programmers Stack Exchange. Following our rebranding, it ...
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The "Moderator Experience" for 2K Users

On PMSE, we don't get overloaded with flags, but they do occasionally come in. The 13 current 2K users on this site have access to a moderation dashboard that will show flags, but this is buried in ...
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Can we make "estimates" the canonical tag?

Currently, there is currently a proposal to make estimation a synonym of estimating. However, I think this is backwards: if the choice is only between these two words, then estimation should be the ...
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Act with Flags and Reviews in one single post

When reviewing a Low Quality Post, appeared a post that is not an answer but a thank you comment. Considering my all my possible actions, I could at least "Recommend Deletion" right away and this ...
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Is the editing tools / kitchen sink missing?

Not sure if that's happening only to me, but I've tried in two different browsers and no editing tool (aka kitchen sink) is appearing. Is SO pranking just me? Apologies if kitchen sink is not the ...
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Are moderators able to move comment threads to chat?

Moving Multiple Threads to Site Chat Room Our own help center says: Comments are not recommended for...[s]econdary discussion or debating a controversial point; please use chat instead[.] This ...
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