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Should we allow tags of specific PM tools?

I've noticed a "redmine" tag showed up this week. Is this usefull? Will we have a specific tag for every PM tool out there?
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Retagging Questions marked as "Beginner"

Someone mentioned that the beginner tag is not one that is really encouraged, and this meta topic Should we be adding tags like [beginner] to questions? has some information on using tags like ...
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Questions and Tags for PMI/PMP and Concepts

When asking questions related to PMI's PMP framework, how should we tag it? My thoughts are (and the tag I'm using is) "pmi-framework." "pmi" would be questions about the PMI itself (would that be ...
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Should there be a tag for "school / study / university" projects?

I was thinking last night about another tag we could add to the pm site for better categorization of "school", "study", or "university" projects and was unable to find something along those lines. ...
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