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Uncommented downvotes

I am observing a trend in downvotes of questions with no comment to explain. Is anyone else noticing this? Is there anything that can be done? In other, busier SE sites, I don't think it matters as ...
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Is anyone interested in a voting contest?

Mark and I were discussing on this question, How close are we to coming out of beta?, what things we would need to do to get closer to coming out of beta. We're doing great, but if we graduated today,...
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Using downvotes on PMSE

I understand how downvotes should work on stack exchange in general, however I have some confusion with their use here. Namely, I don't like that we seem to constantly end up with questions that have ...
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I totally disagree with an answer. Should I downvote?

Recently I came across a question with a couple of answers that I completely disagree with. I think only about the content of answers -- their form is perfectly OK. I just believe that answers are ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Upvoting questions

For some time I was off the site and the first thing I noticed when I came back was pathetic number of votes on questions. Most of recent questions have 0 or 1 upvotes which means they usually have ...
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2 votes
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I noticed some suspicious voting patterns, what should I do?

Pretty much everything is in the title: what should I do when if I noticed suspicious voting patterns? Should I do anything at all? I mean there are mechanisms which should deal with that but I'm not ...
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