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Definitions in the discipline of Project Management Project Manager, profession or role? What are the definitions and distinctions between Project x Program x Portfolio x Product Managers? Team management and leadership As a PM, How do you select your project team members? How to Avoid Micro-Managing a Software Development Team? Which skill set is ...


X/Y Problems While people do sometimes misunderstand questions, in many cases people are attempting to help with an X/Y Problem. What is the XY problem? explains: The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. That is, you are trying to solve problem X, and you think solution Y would work, but instead of asking about ...


There's nothing I can think of that would make this a bad idea, and aside from that, experimentation with new ideas is a good thing. My suggestion is to start doing this, but start small so you can get feedback from others. This will tell you more about whether or not this is worth doing and also help get others involved. Hope this helps!


Analysis There's no definitive answer to your question, because circumstances vary. Answers that really are "exact duplicates" are rare, but answers that are similar or quote the same facts are very common. Expressing the same answer in different ways is okay, but answers that don't add anything new (e.g. additional facts, different conclusions, or greater ...


In my opinion, the Disclaimer: We are a Microsoft Partner. part is necessary in order to avoid being flagged for spam. The rest of it, though, is irrelevant. My suggestion would therefore be to pare down the disclaimer.


When determining how to evaluate an answer on PMSE, since our community hasn't come together to define any guidelines of our own, I use the information from the How to Answer section of the FAQ. The "Answer the Question" section seems most applicable in this case: Answer the question Read the question carefully. What, specifically, is the question ...

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