Stanislav Bashkyrtsev

Managing projects and leading teams since 2011. Have seen and used Waterfall, Scrum, Just-in-time, Theory of Constraints and Continuous Delivery. Big fan of ToC & CD. There're common misconceptions that I see on this SE, so let me correct you right here:

  • Scrum is not Agile. Not even close.
  • Agile makes sense, Scrum - doesn't. It's outdated. It was never an effective process in the first place.
  • Please say "Just-in-time" instead of "Kanban" (explanation)
  • I've never seen a self-organized team. Most likely - neither have you. Even if they exist - they are exceptions. Most teams need 1-2 key people who lead them and make most of the decisions. So stop pushing purely hypothetical ideas.

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Professional life:

  • Software Developer since 2008
  • Project Manager since 2011
  • CI/CD engineer since 2013
  • Automation QA engineer since 2015
  • Business Analyst/Team Lead since 2016