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Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead, with a growth mindset belief and 10+ years of practical software engineering experience including technical leadership and distributed systems. I have a passion to create impactful software products, and I care about usability, reliability, observability and scalability of the software systems that I work on, as much as caring about day-to-day effectiveness, productivity and happiness of the team that I work with. I occasionally speak at international conferences (tugberkugurlu.com/speaking), and write technical posts on my blog (tugberkugurlu.com).

I currently work at Facebook as a Software Engineer. I used to work at Deliveroo as a Staff Software Engineer in the Consumer division, working on distributed backend systems which have high throughput, low latency and high availability needs. Before that, I used to work at Redgate as a Technical Lead for 4 years, where I led and line-managed a team of 5 Software Engineers. I was responsible for all aspects of the products delivered by the team from technical architecture to product direction. I was also a Microsoft MVP for 7 years between 2012-2019 on Microsoft development technologies.

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