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Is Quality Important In a Beta Site?

A Round of Applause to Our Community If you're a member of PMSE and have posted a question, an answer, upvoted or downvoted something, left a comment, opened or closed a question, or posted in meta ...
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Are We In Danger of Falling Into the Trap of Becoming a Discussion Site Because Questions are Not Meeting StackExchange Guidelines?

I've seen a rise in the number of questions lately that don't have a single right or wrong answer. In a Q&A site, great questions have a right answer that are based on facts, or opinions that are ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How to Build Long Term Growth On the Site

UPDATE: Let's set a goal to have 10 awarded Announcer, Booster, or Publicist Badges. If you have the Announcer badge, then go for the Booster badge and we'll count that as 2! By May 15th, let's ...
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(How) Can we attract non-technology PMs to use the site?

Assuming that the site is not just aimed at IT / technology project managers, I guess we should aim to attract other PMs from other disciplines to use the site more widely. Looking at the top ...
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Is the questions metric key if the PM site is to avoid being cancelled after beta?

As this meta post points out PM-SE is not going to have a strong case for continued existence based on the 5 core measures published on Area 51. The metrics published at Area 51 are a bit pessimistic ...
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