I've noticed an increased appearance on PM.SE questions (such THIS, THIS and THIS) related to how to manage not only a project, but more strategic program (or even company) wide questions.

As of today, these questions have nowhere else around StackExchange to be a good fit. Being the case (I believe) there's a considerable amount of PMs here who also deal with such problems, would it be the interest of the community to also consider such questions on-topic?

In the past, similar questions could be discussed on Startup proposals, but they (Startups and Startup business) failed to engage enough audience and good content.

Edit: Interesting enough, some questions (like THIS) are clearly about how to deal with vendors at company level and still on-topic.

Worth to highlight I'm NOT proposing to repurpose pm.se. I want to hear from the community if covering this area is something that could be acceptable to only then, IF there's engagement and community believes there's a LOT of overlapping, to discuss with SE team.

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Questions can have overlap with other topics besides the project management domain. However, if a question is not squarely on-topic regarding the practice or profession of project management then it should be closed as off-topic for PMSE.

The fact that the question might not be a current fit elsewhere on SE is irrelevant to determining whether the question is on topic here. Such questions should be handled on their individual merits and topicality. Helpful comments (not answers) that point to other resources or offer suggestions are not out of line for off-topic questions, though.

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