The "PM-Software" Tag is Too Generic, and Needs Clean-Up and Removal

The Problem

I'd like to remove the tag, but we currently have 189 questions already tagged with it. This is something that would require some community involvement to re-categorize and clean up properly.

Basically, we discourage use of generic or superset tags whenever possible. This particular tag often leads to "shopping questions" or elicits questions that belong on Software Recommendations Stack Exchange instead. I'd like to see us get rid of this tag altogether in favor of PM-specific tool tags.

Recommended Actions

I'd like to recommend the following. If you have privileges, please look at all questions with the tag, and:

  1. Delete the tag if the question already has a more specific tool tag associated with it.
  2. Delete the tag if the question also has the tag associated with it, as the question is presumably about managing a software development project.
  3. Flag the question for closure or deletion if it is a shopping or polling question and is too old to migrate.
  4. Add tool-specific tags if the question would otherwise be on-topic, but needs a more specific tag (e.g. or .
  5. Bring up any unusual cases for discussion.

I don't want to see any questions orphaned as a result of this clean-up, which is why I think a manual review is in order. Mass deletion of the tag could result in questions that lack a meaningful tag, and that's something we should definitely try to avoid!


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